Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Journal

251 lbs
28-33 points

Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink - 4 points
1 apple - 1 point
1 tbs peanut butter - 2 points
1 Lean Cuisine - 7 points
1 cup grapes - 1 point
5 oz steak - 7 points
1 cup rice - 4 points
1 cup peas - 1 point

Total: 27 points


stacy said...

I just found your blog. LOVE IT. I need to loose 60lbs and I thought I would just eat Smart One's for each meal and healthy snack. I like to look at your blog, it gives me great ideas

whatnext43 said...

hi. I found your blog today & just want to encourage u to keep it up. My highest weight was 215 & 2 yrs. Ago I went down to 135 but went back up to 171 Lbs. Recently I went back to my WW plan & I'm down to 165 this week. Finding people like me helps to let me know we are not alone in this battle. Keep going strong. We can and WILL get there! Have a great day on plan. U r #1

stacy said...

Hi there whatnext43, you inspired me with your comment. I so need to get down to 160 which is my normal weight. I'm up to 240 now and this is the heaviest I've ever been. I have two sons ages 6 and 15, I want to be able to go out and play and see them have their own families. My hardest part is when I get home, that is when the snacking starts or the major hunger starts. During the day I eat a WW smart one for breakfast, then yogurt for snack, then another smart one for lunch and veggie or fruit for another snack.. Any ideas on how I can control my self when at home? You can also find me on facebook, under stacy moore in santa barbara california. thanks for your help

sandy said...

Hi there! I just started the point system on Monday.. and got into your site and it is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

I saw you commenting about eating less than your daily points.. me too. is that a bad thing? on wednesday, i was having 10 points less than my allowed point and i felt full already.

Please tell me! Thanks!

RitaS. said...

Hi, Rachel!
Your website is very good, also the cupcakes you made. congrats on another 2 lbs. I see that you had Lean Cuisine - I have them too, also Healthy Choice. I like them much better than Smart Ones -they taste better to me + they are bigger. I also add about 1/2 c. of veggies for fiber to my dinners for 0 pts. Good luck on your progress. Wish you and your Mom good health.

This is for Stacy:
I have the same problem and I'm telling myself that I Will EAT COOKIE (or whatever I'm craving for at the moment), BUT TOMORROW. Many times it helps, but sometimes it does not, so, I make point to leave kitchen and have some tea to drink. Good luck!

ladypooh2121 said...

Hi Rachel,
I found you blog last week and I have been so expired this week I have been within my points all week. I am 254lbs and would like to start out with a goal weight of 50lbs. You are very inspiring to us. I dont know much about weight watchers. If you excercise do you get any extra points for that.
Keep up the good work!!!

Deb said...

Hi there - found your blog while googling weight watchers points. I did weight watchers about 5 years ago and was able to get to my goal weight and keep to it for about 4 years. But, then I started grad school, got a few years older and got lazy. I'm now trying to be more diligent so I can take off the pounds I put back on and keep them off!

I had just a few comments/suggestions - You spoke of exercising. We got the Wii and Wii Fit for Christmas (cheaper than a gym membership) and we use it a lot - there's an entire weight loss program that comes with it where you track your weight and fitness - it has yoga, strength training and cardio exercises - and my kids (ages 6 and 9) LOVE to do it with me. It helps make it fun - for them and for me!

As far as points go, I get what you're saying about not eating your points, but I honestly found that the weight came off at a steadier pace if I ate all my points consistently and evenly throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism going all day, which is what everyone needs to lose weight. (I'm off my soapbox now).

Keep up the good work! You've inspired me to be more diligent about my own weight!

barb said...

Hi, and thanks for the WW Points list. I printed it out and its working great. In Jan 14 of my family started a Biggest Loser contest which ended Easter Sunday. I was the biggest loser. I started at 262 and ended at 212. I did a plan called the 6 week body make over and conintued it for 7 more weeks. It worked great but was extremely strict and I really would like to start adding some of the foods banned back into my diet, like dairy. The premise is that you eat 5 small meals a day, cut out salt, dairy, sugar, bread. Although you are allowed carbs with lunch and dinner and that was a what I looked forward to. I am continuing on to hopefully get to 170-175 but want to use the W.W. points system.

I was checking out your food log and it seems like you could really be eating a whole lot more food and still not reach your total points, if you just added in more veggies. I have 2 small ones (9 and 5) so I did have to cook separate meals for them and my husabnd, it can be done. You just need to plan out your meals ahead of time and put them in baggies so when your hungry or snack time you have it ready.

Good luck on you and all who are checking in here.

a said...

I found your blog by accident. I really like it and I have thought of doing something similar. Did you find any good snacks? I'm tired of carrots and cauliflower.

We are at about the same place I think in our journey...but I'm a lot older than you.

Keep on keepin on. You can do it!


RFisch said...

Great job guys. If you need a to be doctor to help you along the ride with even me. Let me know and you can join in. Help is for all. We can give you a tip per week to keep you on the wagon!