Friday, April 10, 2009

Food Journal

251 lbs
28-33 points

Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink - 4 points
2 slices whole wheat bread - 2 points
2 slices cheese - 4 points
4 oz chicken - 4 points
1 apple - 1 point
1 cup brown rice - 4 points
1 cup mixed veggies - 0 points
5 oz chicken w/ sauce - 6 points
1 cup grapes - 1 point

Total: 26 points


jessica said...

hi, just wondering where in MA do you live?

i just browsed your page, love it!


Rachel said...

I'm on the North Shore. Are you in MA, too?

jessica said...

i grew up in worcester. living in CA now, but i was just home for a week visiting my family.
my sister moved back home with her husband and 2 girls.
every time i go home i want to help her with her eating and exercising but it never seems to happen. we just end up going out to eat all the time and she stays the same weight and i end up gaining weight!
she's now over 200 lbs and is 4'll.
i just started doing WW points again and i really want to help her start but i'm so far away.
anywhooo.... just wanted to see if you were close to her. you're about the same age and both mom's.
well, i'll see if i can get her to get onto this page, and maybe she'll be encouraged to start counting points!
thanks for responding!